Best Renovator Brand

2023 SAM Awards | Greater Ottawa Home Builders' Association


This award recognizes the Renovator brand that has excelled in promoting their company and developing a positive reputation in the industry. Entry will be judged on concept/creativity, who is the target market and how well did the strategy appeal to the target market, message/design, and impact (effectiveness/response/results).

The winning campaign will be an example of excellence in integrated marketing of the Renovator Brand and will demonstrate consistency across brand messaging, imagery, an engaging content strategy, a powerful lead generation campaign, immersive presentation centre experiences, appealing brochure, brand storytelling etc. 


In your entry explain the creative rationale behind the name, logo, typography, tone of the copy, imagery, graphic elements, and treatments. In addition to the visual aesthetic share the brand positioning and copy narrative developed to connect with the target audience. Show examples of how the brand demonstrated a cohesive narrative through all promotional elements and communication platforms (print, website, social, ad campaign etc.). Identify the target audience, the brand positioning, key differentiators, main messages and visual brand identity and how these all contributed to the creation of a cohesive overall brand approach. If available, you may include a copy of the brand identity package or brand storybook. 

Entry Requirements

  • Entrants must have a recognized brand name within the home building industry and demonstrate a clear and effective brand strategy that aligns with their target audience.
  • Statement (point form, max 400 words) detailing how the category criterion has been met.
  • Please indicate co-submitters.
  • PDF or JPG of the Print Ad
Criterion Weight
Concept/Creativity 10.0%
Appeal to Target Market 10.0%
Message/Design 10.0%
Impact 10.0%
Brand strategy and messaging 10.0%
Brand recognition and awareness 10.0%
Brand consistency and differentiation 20.0%
Impact on sales and customer loyalty 20.0%