Best Condo Project

2023 SAM Awards | Greater Ottawa Home Builders' Association


This award recognizes the builder that has executed the most successful launch of a condo project, generating high levels of interest and sales. Entry will be judged on the overall continuity of all elements used in the condo and the ability to characterize the lifestyle of the target market and communicate information to the prospective buyers.  

Use of colours, textures, placement of merchandise/displays or furnishings in relation to the target market or purchasers, and the ability to visually convey information will also be considered.

Entry Requirements

  • Entrants must have launched a condo project that demonstrates effective marketing and sales strategies, and has achieved measurable results.
  • Statement (point form, 400 words maximum) detailing how the category criterion has been met.
  • Please include the model name, as well as the site address, hours of operation and phone number.
  • 12 digital images of your choice are required (300 dpi resolution) of the condo unit.
  • Optional Video tour can be included in this entry.
  • Please indicate co-submitters.
Criterion Weight
Launch strategy and execution 30.0%
Sales performance and impact 30.0%
Product design and innovation 20.0%
Customer experience and satisfaction 20.0%