Eligibility Requirements

1. Only Members in good standing may submit for SAM Awards.
2. All projects must be located in Ontario within an 80km radius of Parliament Hill.
3. Entries from 2020, 2021,2022 and 2023 will be accepted.
4. Winning entries from previous years are not eligible for re-submission.
5. No national campaigns will be considered in the marketing categories.
7. The judges are selected from among the most creative and successful individuals in the sales and marketing field from across Canada. 
6. The judges will make every attempt to give an award in each category. If the judges should determine that entries in a category do not meet the criteria, the judges can decide not to select a winner. 
8. If there is only one entry in a category, it must reach a minimum score of 80% in order for an award to be given.  If the entry does not meet the minimum score, no winner will be named.
9. Entering company must be a Builder, Renovator, or Industry Partner. Marketing Firms who are working with these companies must co-submit with the above, unless they are entering marketing materials to advertise their own firm.
10. For the purposes of this competition, please see the following definitions to determine which category your company should enter in the SAM Awards. Co-submitters do not have to fit into these categories, as long as they are entering with a company that does (ex A Builder co-submitting with their marketing firm). 

  • Builder: Production or Custom Home Builders 
  • Renovator: Renovators that are members of the RenoMark program 
  • Industry Partners: Trades, Suppliers, and Service Professionals (ex. Designers, Architects, Banks, etc)