A1 - Best Builder Sales Assistant

A2 - Best Builder Sales Representative

A3 - Best Builder Sales Team

A4 - Best Design Centre Consultant

A5 - Best Renovator Sales Representative

A6 - Best Industry Partner Sales Representative

A7 - Best Industry Partner Sales Team

B1 - Best Builder Print Ad

B3 - Best Builder Digital Display Ad

B4 - Best Builder Social Media Ad Campaign

B5 - Best Builder Video

B6 - Best Builder Logo

B7 - Best Builder Signage

B8 - Best Builder Brochure

B9 - Best Builder Website

B10 - Best Builder Marketing Campaign *FREE ENTRY*

B11 - Best Builder Covid-19 Marketing Initiative *FREE ENTRY*

B12 - Best Builder Sales Centre

B13 - Best Builder Design Centre

B17 - Best Renovator Website

B18 - Best Renovator Marketing Campaign *FREE ENTRY*

B21 - Best Marketing Innovation (Open Category)

B22 - Best Industry Partner Print Ad

B25 - Best Industry Partner Video

B26 - Best Industry Partner Marketing Campaign * FREE ENTRY*

B27 - Best Industry Partner Covid-19 Marketing Initiative *FREE ENTRY*

B28 - Best Industry Partner Showroom

B29 - Best Industry Partner Website

C1 - Best Town Home (Under 1,800 sq. ft.)

C2 - Best Town Home (Over 1,800 sq. ft.)

C4 - Best Single Family Home (Under 2,000 sq. ft.)

C5 - Best Single Family Home (2,001 - 3,000 sq. ft.)

C6 - Best Single Family Home (3,001 sq. ft. & over)

C8 - Best Bungalow (Single)

C10 - Best Condo (Mid - High Rise)

D1 - Best Community

D2 - Best Condo Project

D3 - Most Environmentally Friendly Builder *FREE BUILDER ENTRY*

D4 - Industry Partner of the Year *FREE ENTRY*


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